New River Fine Art

HYTECH 24/7’s partnership with Hill York brought comfort and energy saving benefits to businesses along downtown Fort Lauderdale’s historic Las Olas shopping and dining hub. The prestigious New River Fine Art gallery on Las Olas Boulevard is one example of the impact of modern A/C monitoring innovation.

Project Name and Location:
New River Fine Art
914 East Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Client/Owner Contact:
Lisa Burgess


Project Summary:
Las Olas Boulevard has a long history as downtown Fort Lauderdale’s signature street, offering upscale dining, shopping and cultural experiences. To make its future as bright as its past, a new vision to turn the street into a destination with fresh appeal for millennials and others is gaining momentum.

Property managers are focused on raising the area’s profile as a must-visit destination and a place where world class tenants feel at home. That commitment to provide the very best tenant environment prompted them to join forces with Hill York. The Mission: To harness HYTECH’s new technology to increase tenant comfort, cut energy costs, and save money on HVAC maintenance and capital budgeting.

The initiative was founded on a more responsive alternative to A/C maintenance contracts – a remote monitoring service that Hill York launched through the HYTECH 24/7 suite of services. After gathering information from tenants and analyzing the equipment in their spaces, Hill York installed smart technology thermostats and sensors to monitor cooling systems and feed data back to HYTECH’s monitoring center.

For New River Fine Art owner Lisa Burgess, heading off the damaging effects of possible condensate leaks on one-of-a-kind artwork was the main motivation for embracing the program. The substantial cost reductions and energy efficiency gains were a pleasant bonus.

In 2016, the first full year under the monitoring program, the gallery saved an average of 16% a month over the previous year’s energy spending, which is helping counteract FPL electric rate increases moving forward.

“Like many other Las Olas businesses that benefited from our 24/7 monitoring, real-time data, and fast-response A/C service, the platform really empowered the gallery to gain greater control over their indoor climate and costs,” explained HYTECH’s Vice President of Business Development Bob Lafferty. “Plus, they went from an old thermostat with no scheduling ability to one where they have remote access with a user friendly smart phone app to view and change settings and set schedules from anywhere.”

For an image conscious business-like New River Fine Art, providing a higher standard of comfort for special events like lectures, exhibits and VIP receptions is especially important.

“Staff and client comfort, more reliable system performance, and the scheduling control of remote access are some of the many benefits we’re enjoying,” noted gallery owner Burgess. “When we have gallery events outside of normal business hours, the new service platform ensures that everyone experiences complete comfort without our having to overspend on utility costs.”

As for the energy improvements, the early results are likely a preview of things to come. With HYTECH’s data analysts monitoring performance on an ongoing basis, they’re able to make recommendations that will generate cost reductions over the long haul.

“For the first time in HVAC history, we have a data-driven service that facilitates capital budgeting and true predictive maintenance instead of relying on system age or a calendar,” Lafferty observed. “This showcases HYTECH’s ability to work with HVAC contractors to replace expensive maintenance contracts with a cost-effective monitoring program that delivers service when it’s needed and a year-round return on investment.”

As a new wave of tenants seeks the prestige of a Las Olas address, energy efficient comfort backed by advanced technology will be one more attraction of a landmark destination’s allure.