Commercial HVAC Technology to Reduce Reactive Maintenance & Enable Predictive Maintenance

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From reactive to proactive, HVAC maintenance has come a long way since the first air modern air conditioner was invented in 1902 by Willis Carrier. In recent years, HVAC maintenance has taken another step forward with predictive maintenance, which utilizes SMART technology to predict failures before they happen. HVAC maintenance technology has advanced further with Wi-Fi-enabled sensors and sophisticated software that allows service technicians to take action before they even step foot onto the site. 

The Basics of Predictive Maintenance 

Predictive maintenance is on its way to becoming the standard in HVAC maintenance for facilities management because it analyzes the system’s current operating conditions and recommends maintenance and repairs before the system malfunctions. This is a step ahead of preventative maintenance. Remember that preventative maintenance calls for a unit’s serving twice, or four times a year. But predictive maintenance uses specific data and analytics to predict what’s needed for each unique unit.  

When predictive maintenance is utilized by commercial HVAC contractors for their customers HVAC systems, the sensors and software will tell them when to perform specific tasks before the unit’s operational efficiency decreases. In turn, contractors and commercial building owners save money.  

How HVAC Technology Improves Predictive Maintenance 

Modern commercial HVAC systems can be retrofitted with sensors that are Wi-Fi enabled and connected to a central piece of software. The software can be accessed on any computer, tablet, or smartphone device. This type of solution brings the features and benefits associated with larger building automation systems (BAS), to light commercial spaces under 100,000sqft that represent 65% of commercial buildingsIt can show real-time operations, generate reports, and provide alerts to maintenance staff before catastrophic failures are experienced. Advanced software and analytical teams can analyze, report, and assist with dispatching and scheduling so that the contractor works more efficientlyand the facility receives world-class service. 

By utilizing HVAC technology to predict maintenance and prevent untimely failures, HVAC systems are more energy-efficient and experience longer useful lives. There are also fewer instances of HVAC downtime and complete system failures, increasing building comfort and health. 

Taking HVAC Technology and Predictive Maintenance to the Next Level with HYTECH’s Contractor Solution 

Now that you understand the basics of predictive maintenance and how it can keep commercial HVAC systems running smoothly and reliably for the entirety of their useful lives, think about taking it to the next level with the HYTECH 24/7 Contractor Solution. This specialized software allows a team of engineers and data analysts to monitor your system 24 hours a day and take immediate action if there is a malfunction. 

There is a recent story at a retail store in Tennessee with a HVAC contractor utilizing HYTECH’s platform. With six assets on the roof, this store owner was performing regular, quarterly maintenance for years before installing HYTECH’s suite of HVAC technologyOne month after installation, HYTECH worked with the contractor to run reports and explain how maintenance was needed just twice a year for these units if some changes could be made.  

With runtime and efficiency reports in hand, the HVAC contractor explained to the store owner that two of their units barely ran at all, and two units ran in excess. By adjusting the schedules and setpoints, all six units now work together to maintain a comfortable space and have similar, reduced runtime. This change meant that the units would extend their lifetime effectiveness, reduce their total cost of ownership, and save energy dollars.  

When paired with necessary fault detection alerts, these monthly and annual reports provide a service unlike any the store owner had seen; the contractor created a partner for life. Now, imagine taking your HVAC predictive maintenance to the next level with custom sensors, reports, and remote software. The software can alert HVAC technicians to a potential problem or ongoing issue so damage or errors can be promptly completed with less cost and hassle to the end client. It’s possible with HYTECH’s contractor solution. 

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