Commercial HVAC

July 7, 2020
HVAC Predictive Maintenance

Pivoting to HVAC Predictive Maintenance: Using Data to Guide Maintenance Decisions

Advanced digital technologies like smart HVAC units, smart thermostats, and advanced algorithms fed to an insight-rich dashboard enable HVAC predictive maintenance. Contractors are now using digital HVAC tools to pivot from reactive or scheduled maintenance, to predictive maintenance. This pivot positions the contractor not as a tactical commodity, but as a strategic business partner with commercial building owners and managers.
July 2, 2020
commercial hvac data_other featured

How Commercial HVAC Data in a Scorecard Adds Value to Contractors’ Business

Digital transformation permeates every industry and process on the planet at an accelerated pace these days. To that end, commercial HVAC contractors and service providers have a unique opportunity to leverage commercial HVAC data to achieve digital transformation in an industry that has traditionally relied on analog, anecdotal, manual, schedule-overbearing processes.
June 24, 2020
Useful Life of Commercial HVAC Equipment

Useful Life of Commercial HVAC Equipment: Age is Just a Number, Millions of Data Points Show the Actual Expected Useful Life

Managing the useful life of commercial HVAC equipment is more than maintenance on a schedule. Overall maintenance must reflect the actual runtime and strain to avoid units running inconsistently. An asset with a higher runtime requires more maintenance & vice versa. Instead, contractors who use data as their guide know with certainty the expected useful life of the HVAC unit and will transform to predictive maintenance strategies.